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Emotional Intelligence

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Maria Olsson-Bitschnau

Maria-Olsson-Bitschnau"If I had to describe my coaching style in a few words – considering my testimonials – I would say that I am partnering with my clients in an authentic way and blend my empathic and strategic approach. By tuning in and challenging at the same time I navigate the process for my clients to achieve their goals."

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DoxycyclineMaria Olsson-Bitschnau believes that emotions drive people and people drive performance! Emotional Intelligence is a balancing act of combining your head and your heart, which is an essential ingredient in our live. By consciously using these valuable EQ tools, the change process is more efficient and the client experiences a lasting positive change!

AvodartShe has been the Executive Coach for Six Seconds Middle East for the previous four years till she recently relocated with her family to Austria. With over ten years international coaching experience she was working within companies and individuals in order to achieve their designed goals in their leadership roles and personal development.

Maria is a certified Systemic Business Coach, NeuroLeadership Coach, certified EQ Assessor and EQ Practitioner as well as LVS Systems Consultant and member of ICF (International Coaching Federation)
She holds a master's degree in tourism management and leisure-time economics and was for several years in managerial positions in the field of Marketing and Product Management.

And she's really excited to be spreading EQ work in Europe where she has been getting fantastic feedback!Viagra Soft



Coaching and Training

In simple terms, coaching helps my clients to move forward in their work/life in the carefully chosen direction in the best suitable way for the individual - with using the approach of Emotional Intelligence from world-leaders in that field and neuroscience to achieve greater performanceTretinoin 0,05.

Are you ready to elevate by using your emotions that give your incredible insights and energy in order to take best decisions and to create positive change?



  • Coaching for Leadership with EQ
  • Coaching for Personal Development
  • Coaching for Work-Life Balance
  • Coaching for Working-Mums
  • Coaching for Positive Change


  • Tailor made training programs for organizations including Emotional Intelligence
  • At the HEART of Leadership
  • Introduction to EQ – Self Awareness
  • Introduction to EQ – Self Management
  • Introduction to EQ – Self Direction






Emotional Intelligence is not about head over heart, and not about IQ or EQ, it is about the blending of emotions and thoughts – which leads to optimal decisions and positive change.

EqModelThe Six Seconds EQ Model is based on three actions or pursuits:
Know Yourself – increase awareness
Choose Yourself – act intentionality
Give Yourself – align with purpose.

The SEI profile builds on the Six Seconds Model and is a scientifically validated self assesment to measure the eight EQ competencies. The SEI provides a framework for action (hands-on tool) in leadership and general well being in life.


"If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got."
W.L. Bateman


Leadership is about people....and people are not only rational.

To be effective and succeed in challenging times, where change is ongoing, today's leaders have to adjust their leadership style and connect with people on a personal level – understand what drives their people and build a level of trust.higher eq This "connecting" requires a high level of emotional intelligence, specifically empathy: the ability to sense how others feel and connect at an emotional level.
Bad news: a recent Harvard Business review article notes that the quality senior leaders lack most is empathy.
Empathy can be learned by developing emotional intelligence. First, by examining how their own emotions inside. Second by becoming aware of the impact of their words and actions on others.
Empathy is one out of eight skills that is learnable.
For leaders today consistently developing the skills of EQ is a "must do— and it is rewarding!

Six Seconds Workplace issues survey:

  • 90% of people see the importance in EQ
  •  only 20% use EQ in business.